ASCENT FutureTech LLP_Digi Catalog

With the rapidly increasing adoption of more and more personal mobile devices, businesses are offered new opportunities and challenges in making connections with other users in order to share relevant information. Peer-to-peer applications have established themselves as a popular and effective method for information sharing and Digi Catalog is specifically devised to cater to this opportunity. Using this application, businesses can upload images and details about products/services and share it within their network of dealers, distributors or end-users. With Digi Catalog, your business can communicate product updates, offers and other information in real-time

How it works
  1. User (Dealer / Distributor / End User) downloads your organization’s Digi Catalog app
  2. App has all existing products and services listed with all details
  3. New Products / Services can be added instantly using an intelligent admin interface
  4. Users get instant notifications (like WhatsApp) whenever new products/services are added or offers are communicated
Key Features
  1. Zero delay: Instant information communication to users means better sales
  2. Product-wise feedback to help develop better products / offer better services
  3. Heavy savings as zero catalog / brochure printing costs