ASCENT FutureTech LLP_Field Sales Pro

With increasing footprint of hyper local businesses and the need for real time tracking along with data capturing, the ‘Field Sales Pro’ application from ASCENT FutureTech LLP provides you with just the right set of tools required for your business to capture information and store it in a central database on a real time basis. Using this application, on field executives can capture required information like data fields, images, location details, etc. and upload it on a real time basis. The system is predominantly focused on data collection activities and providing customizable solutions based on business requirements

How it works
  1. ASCENT FutureTech LLP rolls out the ‘Field Sales Pro’ application for your organization based on requirements
  2. On field executives/resources use the application to capture data/information
  3. Information is uploaded to the system on a real time basis
  4. Information can be accessed and used on the go
Key Features
  1. Real time tracking of resources at the time of data capturing
  2. Feature to capture data, images, scan barcodes or QR codes
  3. Get daily, weekly and monthly reports
  4. Get notifications, messages and alerts for different activities