ASCENT FutureTech LLP_Referral Queen

It’s no secret that that word-of-mouth referrals are among the top ways professional services firms get leads and new business. Studies reveal that peer recommendations are at least twice more responsive than any other marketing channel. It is found that referred customers generate higher margins and higher retention than other customers, making them more valuable in both the short and long run. ASCENT FutureTech LLP offers Referral Queen, a seamless and hassle free way to incentivize both new and existing users

How it works
  1. Every user is assigned a unique referral code which he/she can share with others
  2. User enters the referral code at the time of sign up/registration
  3. System validates the referral code and users get their respective credits
Key Features
  1. Choose who gets the rewards – existing users/new users/both
  2. Select how many credits you wish to reward on successful referral
  3. Flexibility to reward a user only once or every time
  4. View credits awarded to users using a simple dashboard